MindCures, LLC is Pleased to Announce That the Think and Grow Rich Stickability App Launched on July 8th 2013 Has Attained Two #1 Rankings

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Think and Grow Rich Stickability app is gaining worldwide attention with its unique audiobook meditations. With the worldwide momentum growing for audiobook mediation apps, Mind Cures is preparing to release 13 more in the coming months.

November 25, 2013, Mind Cures, LLC, an innovative digital publishing and mobile development company, is pleased to announce two #1 rankings for the Think and Grow Rich Stickability accelerated learning app. This fresh app is bringing the key principles of the international best selling book of the same name fromThe Napoleon Hill Foundation and Greg Reid to audiences anytime and anywhere. The groundbreaking app adds immeasurable value to the core concepts from the book by enhancing the content with customized meditations from Mind Cures’ Hero Universe accelerated learning system, called HeroLearning™.

During the Thanksgiving and Christmas 60-day promotional offer period, consumers can purchase the app, including all 12 custom accelerated learning meditation audio files covering the book’s chapters, for the introductory price of $1.99 from the iTunes app store and learn how to apply the proven and powerful self-motivational techniques in the book to achieve any goal and persevere even in the most difficult of times.

Link The app is available now: Think and Grow Rich Stickability App.

“The philosophies introduced in Think and Grow Rich Stickability are a perfect match for the self-help focus of applications in the Hero Universe,” says Mind Cures CEO Evan Gappelberg. “The HeroLearning program was created for people who want to achieve success and get ahead in life but don’t have a lot of time to read the books that supply the principles of success. With the Think and Grow Rich Stickability app, we’ve broken new ground by creating a short and concise accelerated learning program which focuses on the book’s principles only and uses scientifically-proven methods of condensed knowledge, guided meditation, audio listening and repetition to improve learning. Offering this book in an on-the-go app format makes it easier than ever for people to fit learning the author’s timeless principles into their busy schedules.”

According to App Annie Statistics Think and Grow Rich Stickability has been steady climbing the international “BEST AudioBook Apps of 2013” charts.

Recent Rankings: #1 in Philippines, # 1 in Pakistan, # 2 in Nigeria,# 5 in Ecuador, # 7 in India # 7, in Saudi Arabia, #8 in Ireland, # 10 in South Africa, # 15 in New Zeland, # 16 in Hong Kong, # 18 in Mexico, # 29 in The United Kingdom, # 38 in The United States.

The Think and Grow Rich Stickability app uses a patented text-to-speech meditation technology developed by Mind Cures to deliver all 12 chapters from Greg Reid’s book in a condensed format that focuses on the core principles for a precise learning experience. “Anyone can use the Think and Grow Rich Stickability app to quickly and easily create powerful yet relaxing, custom and personalized meditations based on the most important principles from the book,” explains Wilson Christopher, Mind Cures Co-Founder. “You don’t have to have any experience with meditation to use the app. It’s designed with Hero Universe’s patented meditation technology, so anyone can enjoy the benefits of meditation to accelerate their learning, immediately apply the principles introduced in the book to their daily lives, and achieve better results.”

The new audio app empowers users to achieve financial prosperity, better health, stronger relationships, greater purpose, and more success through a life-changing system that combines the proven set of principles from The Napoleon Hill Foundation and Greg Reid’s groundbreaking book with the cutting-edge meditations, accelerated learning, and mobile accessibility of Mind Cures’ Hero Universe app.

About Mind Cures, LLC
Mind Cures, LLC is a digital publisher and mobile application developer with a growing collection of innovative self-help, meditation, and hypnosis apps offered through its Hero Universe brand of products. Its flagship product, HypnoHero, uses a dynamic question and answer process, combined with technologically-perfected voices, to deliver customized hypno-meditation sessions on over 650 self-help topics. HypnoHero was developed with Mind Cures’ patented “Write Your Own” technology, which enables users to create personalized hypno-meditation experiences by typing any messages they want to hear while under hypnosis.

Mind Cures also licenses books from the most recognized self-help authorities in the world and offers them as audio apps, which combine the key principles in each book with the HeroLearning personalized meditation technology for an accelerated learning experience. All Mind Cures applications from the Hero Universe family of products are available through the iTunes app store.

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