MindCures, LLC Breakthrough Software Cracks “The Mind Code Mystery”

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With the cracking of the “mind code” people no longer have to settle in life. Hypnohero’s revolutionary new software technology puts the power to create a personalized mind program in the palm of your hand.

MindCures, LLC is pleased to announce that the HypnoHero app launched on July 8th 2013, has attained a #1 ranking. Download HypnoHero app Here.

Individuals no longer have to settle in life; instead by harnessing the power of technology and a proven mind programing program, everyone can create the life they always imagined. In the past decade we have seen a proliferation of life coaches and Gurus likeDeepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Jack Canfield emerge into the mainstream to help people improve their mindset and get into alignment with their true selves. Now, by merging new technology with age old wisdom HypnoHero offers everyone the same opportunity for improvement and mental alignment for a fraction of the cost of the Guru’s program and in the privacy of their own home. IPhone users are for the first time being given the power to create their own reality any time and anywhere. HypnoHero offers the largest selection of “mind programing” titles, with an in your pocket convenience, true 100% customization and a sleek sophistication never before seen in a self-help, hypnosis-meditation app.

“HypnoHero is a revolutionary self-help tool that can elevate a persons life, just by listening regularly,” says Evan Gappelberg, MindCures, LLC CEO/Founder. With the success of HypnoHero we will be launching ten more apps by year end 2013 and expect another 50 apps on the market in


Since its launch on July 8th, 2013 Hypnohero has been steady climbing the international “Hot Health and Fitness Apps of 2013” charts.

Recent Rankings:
#1 in Turks and Caicos out of 152 apps (November 4th)
# 5 in the Philippines out of 502 apps (November 5th)
# 29th in Ireland out of 717 apps (July 27th )
#41st in South Africa out of 903 apps (August 2nd)

HypnoHero packs a mind-expanding number of features into one sleek lightweight handheld device, the iPhone.

Features Include:

  • Sophisticated 21- Day Goal Tracker and Bar Graph
  • A pioneering “Write My Own” feature enabling users to create a 100% personalized, one of a kind Hypno-Meditation experience. Write anything you want to hear…
  • Unlimited selection with 650 installed topics i.e. Lose Weight Now, Stop Smoking, PTSD, Sleep Deeply, Boost Confidence, Better Golf,
  • Words of Wisdom-Quotes; Bible Verses, Einstein, Churchill, Lincoln, Dalai Lama, Buddha, Confucius, Carnegie, Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Autosuggestion- Non-Hypnosis quick and repetitive listening versions, for use while user is fully awake, driving, walking or even at work.
  • Full imagery customization, using our exclusive question and answer process.
  • Totally immersive, Hypnosis and Meditation listening versions.
  • Binaural Music and Nature Sounds
  • Custom Voice Selection
  • Visually stunning HypnoPlayer design and playlist organization


“We seek to dramatically improve people’s lives by changing the way they incorporate self-help concepts into their busy lives,” said Wilson Christopher, co-founder of Mind Cures, L.P.

Link to Itunes App:
HypnoHero App

Link to website:

Press Contacts:
 Evan Gappelberg
Mind Cures, L.P.
(631) 655-6733

Wilson Christopher
Mind Cures, L.P.

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