Mind Cures, L.P. Modernizes Self-Help with Customizable Hypnosis Meditation App HypnoHero

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The app combines award-winning text-to-speech software with patented ‘Write My Own’ technology for personalized meditation sessions

NEW YORK, July 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Mind Cures, L.P. today announced Free downloads of its HypnoHero app, available in the iTunes app store.
Individuals no longer have to listen to stock, one size fits all pre-recorded tapes and CDs or pay $150 per hour to see a therapist. The HypnoHero app is a new and breakthrough technology that is a therapist, self help guru and success programing device all in one. To achieve this, HypnoHero uses a dynamic question and answer process combined with technologically perfected voices to deliver its custom Hypno-Meditation sessions. With over 650 installed topics to choose from, HypnoHero towers over the competition with the largest selection of any app on the market. In addition, HypnoHero’s patented “Write My Own” technology adds even more flexibility and customization, by giving users the power to create their own totally original and personalized Hypno-Meditation experience. Users simply record or type into text boxes anything they want to hear which is then transformed into a custom Hypno-Meditation.

“HypnoHero is a revolutionary and magical self-help tool… We are all born with the ultimate creating device—our mind—HypnoHero enables users to direct the minds power towards achieving their goals and creating the life they have always imagined,” said Evan Gappelberg, Mind Cures, L.P. Founder/CEO.

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The HypnoHero app offers selection, convenience and a new level of software power and sophistication never before seen in a self-help, hypnosis-meditation app, which completely redefines what users can achieve in their lives.

HypnoHero App Features

Sample of Topics:
Napoleon Hills Keys To Success, Lose Weight Now, Stop Smoking, PTSD, Sleep Deeply, Boost Confidence, Better Golf, Cope With Depression, Cope With Stress, Healing Bible Verses, and Words Of Wisdom quotes from-Einstein, Churchill, Lincoln, Dalai Lama, Buddha, Confucius, Carnegie, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Easy to follow 21-day goal tracker tracks the daily progress with a graph and minutes counter.  In addition the app tracks the percentage of goals achieved on a day-to-day basis.

“Write My Own”:
This patented technology helps users create a truly one of a kind custom hypnosis/meditation that’s both powerful yet relaxing. Write a couple of key phrases or sentences to be dynamically added to your hypnosis topic or create your 100% original topic. Users can write key phrases or sentences to be dynamically added to any hypnosis topic or can create a 100% original topic.

The Exclusive Autosuggestion Version:
Autosuggestion is credited as one of Napoleon Hill’s secrets to success; Use the Autosuggestion feature with your Hypnosis/meditation for accelerated results. Autosuggestion is the exclusive non-hypnosis version created for daily reinforcement of your hypnosis/meditation topic, while walking, driving, relaxing, at work-anywhere or anytime.

Award winning state of the art text to speech voices provide perfect pitch and inflection allowing for total immersion into a custom and unique hypnosis/meditation experience.

HypnoHero offers free binaural beats and soothing nature sounds. These sounds have been digitally mastered and scientifically proven to promote the deepest hypnosis/meditation possible.

HypnoHero has zero negative side affects and is the safest and most effective ways of achieving desired goals.

“We seek to dramatically improve people’s lives by changing the way they incorporate self-help into their busy lives,” said Wilson Christopher, co-founder of Mind Cures, L.P. Christopher continues, “HypnoHero is the one self-help tool that will empower any user to accomplish any goal they desire at any time.”

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Learn More About HypnoHero
To learn more about HypnoHero, please visit www.hypnohero.com or join our community at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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